🥗Green Salad

Meaning and Description

🥗 A bowl of green salad with vegetables 🥬 , cucumbers 🥒 , tomatoes 🍅 and onions 🧅 . It generally refers to vegetable salad, which is a kind of cold food. Of course, it can also refer to other kinds of salad: fruit salad and other salads. It is also commonly used to refer to a green and healthy diet, vegetarianism or vegetarian.

The meaning of emoji symbol 🥗 is Green Salad , it is related to green, food, salad , it can be found in category: "🍟Food & Drink" - "🍞food-prepared".

🥗 other meaning is Salad
A salad is a dish consisting of mixed pieces of food, with some definitions requiring at least one raw ingredient. It is often dressed, and is typically served at room temperature or chilled, though some can be served warm.
Garden salads use a base of leafy greens such as lettuce, arugula/rocket, kale or spinach; they are common enough that the word salad alone often refers specifically to garden salads. Other types include bean salad, tuna salad, fattoush, Greek salad (vegetable-based, but without leafy greens), and sōmen salad (a noodle-based salad). The sauce used to flavor a salad is generally called a salad dressing; most salad dressings are based on either a mixture of oil and vinegar or a fermented milk product like kefir.
Salads may be served at any point during a meal:

Appetizer salads—light, smaller-portion salads served as the first course of the meal.
Side salads—to accompany the main course as a side dish, examples include potato salad and Caesar salad.
Main course salads—usually containing a portion of a high-protein foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, legumes, or cheese.
Dessert salads—sweet versions containing fruit, gelatin, sweeteners or whipped cream.

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Examples and Usage

I recommend that when you make a salad 🥗 , be sure to buy low-fat salad dressing.

A nutritious salad 🥗is not only vegetables, but also chicken🐔, beef🐂, and seafood🦐.

Basic Information

ShortnameGreen Salad
Known AsSalad Bowl
Apple NameGreen Salad
Unicode Version9.0 (2016-06-21)
Emoji Version3.0 (2016-06-02)
Category🍟Food & Drink
Sub Category🍞food-prepared
Keywordsgreen, food, salad

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